Interview with Lewis Composites

The biggest thing that people notice when they try custom shoes for the first time is how light they are compared to jasminlive stock shoes. I don’t quote people exact weights for their shoes before they’re built because they vary so much from foot to foot. But you’re usually looking about half the weight of stock shoes. Then there is the live jasmin performance, even the stiffest stock shoe actually flexes quite a lot. In my shoes the bottoms just don’t flex. This is because of how I use the carbon to wrap around the foot in some spots. The heel cup and arch are all moulded one piece with the base of the shoe. The end result is no power loss from shoe to pedal, you really notice this when you stand up to sprint or climb. You can actually feel the difference between regular shoes and custom ones. Then lastly there’s the fit of the shoe. It’s very comfortable, the shoes really do fit better than any stock shoe can. This is especially good if you’ve got very wide, narrow, or oddly shaped feet. You cannot get shoes that fit if your feet are at all different than the streamate norm.